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Dr. Celik will share with our audience her knowledge on natural herbal cleanses to get rid of those nasty parasites. Want to know more, tune in on Sunday May 22nd to CKNW Vancouver at 5pm PT. It’ll be difficult for us now,” Burns said. I’m not going to hide the fact. But I told them to keep their heads up.

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All in all I felt that I was in good hands, and convinced that I would recover. Dr Weatherall and his team worked through all manner of possibilities. Even I, whose medical knowledge is, at best , scanty, was aware of the unusual nature of my case. I had more scans and a second lumbar puncture and came to realise that, though each member of the team might spend only a few minutes with me, behind the scenes serious professional discussions were going on.

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l’ami serge sails to plumpton victory

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