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The captain did not think the threat credible, he decided to turn the aircraft around, Band wrote. Knew that other passengers were concerned and was worried that Ms. Ratmanski and Ms. The programme was developed and piloted in Scotland over two years in consultation with teachers, sex education specialists, and education and health promotion departments. 15The psychosocial and sociological theoretical basis of the programme has been set out previously. 16 The programme combines active learning (for example, work in small groups and games), information leaflets on sexual health , and development of skills, primarily through the use of interactive video but also through role playing. 15 It has the 10 characteristics that Kirby identified as necessary for effective programmes. 12 The exercises were developed specifically for the intervention programme or modified from other packs. 17 20In the 12 control schools sex education for third and fourth years varied from seven to 12 lessons in total and was primarily devoted to provision of information and discussion. Only two schools routinely demonstrated how to handle condoms, none systematically developed negotiation skills for sexual encounters, and teachers’ training in sex education was generally limited. Recruitment and randomisation of schoolsWe invited all 47 non Catholic state schools within 24 km of the main cities in Tayside and Lothian regions (excluding pilot schools) to participate. Incentives offered were the full cost of the SHARE teacher training, including supply cover, or in the control arm, the equivalent funds (2000 2500) for personal and social education, except sex education.

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