But the Habs have beefed up, and it showed

Yes , the Flyers changed their approach somewhat, losing Richards and Carcillo, two very physical players, and Jeff Carter, a big body presence. But the Habs have beefed up, and it showed. PK Subban has a physical edge, Erik Cole doesn’t back down, Alex Yemelin is big, Pacoreitty likes the contact.

MLB already lets this happen. Its apparel contractor, Majestic, gets to slap its logo prominently on the sleeves of the jerseys, as if anyone is tuning into a baseball game to see Majestic. The Yankees who are nothing if not brand conscious break ranks and leave off the logo, though if you buy the $193. 99 Authentic Derek Jeter Home Jersey, you end up inauthentically advertising Majestic on your own sleeve.

17 decision to place Peterson on paid leave after his arrest, and he did not back down when asked about commissioner Roger Goodell’s punishment. “I don’t agree with it,” Munnerlyn said. “He missed nine games already. But at the end of the day, the NFL came up with that decision.

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