Moving to Orlando Has Made Me Really Happy

I’ve always thought Florida would be a great place to live. I have an aunt and cousins who live there. I had been wanting to move closer to family members for many years. My dad disappeared when I was just a kid, and my mom had passed away from cancer when I was a teen. So, I really felt that having the support of family would do me good. One day I figured it was time, and I started to look for apartments for rent in Orlando FL online. Everything was so pretty! The buildings all have a style that I appreciate, and I love how everything is so green and lush in the area from all the moisture in the air. I even figured the humidity would help my overly dry skin, too!

My relatives were really happy to learn that I was finally taking steps to move nearby. My aunt wanted me to come stay with her right after my mother died. I never really got a chance to get to know her extremely well since she lived so far away, but because she was mom’s sister, she felt it was her duty to watch over me. But I wanted to stay put for the time being. She kept in touch with me through a lot of phone calls, emails and letters, though. I am really grateful for that because that did give us the chance to know her well and we have become much more close with one another.

I flew in one weekend and my aunt and I began looking at some of the apartments that I had found online. I really liked one that was just a few miles from her house, so that is the one that I rented. Now, every week, we all have Sunday dinner together. And they come by to check on me often, too.