A Safe Place for Our Kids

Even before I began looking at apartments for rent in Bluffdale, I had to look at information on the town itself because I wanted to make sure it was going to be a good place for my husband and I to raise our two children. One of the reasons we were so eager to move is because the neighborhood that we were living in was not all that great. It seemed like the crime news in the paper was getting bigger and bigger with each passing month, and we just wanted to move the kids to a safer place.

I was really happy with everything that I found out about the schools in Bluffdale. I also liked the area in general as I had looked up the crime stats there too. I knew that we were going to have to move quickly on this if I wanted the kids to start at their new school before the school year started, so I looked at apartments and found the perfect one for us quickly. Even though we only need three bedrooms, I decided to look at the four bedroom units for a couple of different reasons.

I figured my husband could convert the fourth bedroom into a home office if he needed it. Also, I knew that the kids would enjoy having it as their play room. When I found a four bedroom unit with three bathrooms, I knew it was the perfect one for us. The fourth bedroom and half bath are the only two rooms on the second floor, making it the perfect escape either for my husband or the kids, whichever fit was better for us as a family. It really did not take too long for all of us to move in there, and the kids actually love it here. That is what makes me the happiest.