The time engaged in moderate PA and vigorous PA was calculated

Mechanical properties of the bio inspired nanostructuresOne of the most important functions of natural fish scales is to provide sufficient mechanical protection for the inner soft organs. The fish scale bio inspired inorganic nanostructures are also expected to provide significant mechanical tolerance that meets the requirements for multifunctional applications. The mechanical properties of the fish scale bio inspired nanostructured coatings were examined via nanoindentation testing.

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In this study, the time sampling interval (epoch) was set at 15 A measure of total volume of activity (hereafter called average PA) was expressed as the sum of recorded counts per epoch divided by total daily registered time expressed in minutes. While it may sound right to use the pronoun me in this sentence, the correct use of a cheap essays pronoun is actually i. The time engaged in moderate PA and vigorous PA was calculated and presented as the average time per day during the complete registration. The time engaged at moderate PA metabolic equivalents was calculated based upon a cutoff of 2000 counts per minute.

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