New Audi A4 vs rivals: performanceThe A4 range is launched with

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payday loans We do know the 503bhp Quadrifoglio Verde model claims a best in class power to weight ratio with roughly a 1,500kg kerbweight, which beats the M3 saloon by 80kg, the highest powered XE S by 165kg and the AMG C63 by a whopping 215kg. In terms of the A4, no hot ‘RS’ model has been announced yet, but we do know that Audi claims weight for the standard cars has been decreased by up to 120kg thanks to the use of hot formed steel in the chassis and aluminium body panels. That should put it right in line with its main rivals across the board, despite its size advantage. New Audi A4 vs rivals: performanceThe A4 range is launched with seven engines available; four diesels and three turbocharged petrols. The base engine is a 148bhp 1. 4 TSI petrol, with 30bhp more than before, that makes the A4 capable of 0 62mph in 8. 9 seconds and a top speed of 131mph payday loans.